Supported Models

Keysight N7851A U2000 Series USB Power Sensors Calibration Application Software



U2000A, U2001A, U2002A, U2004A, U2000B, U2001B, U2000H, U2001H, U2002H

What's New!

Version E.03.04 (Jan 2022)

  • Fixed the issue when the VSWR test failed the network analyzer calibration
    verification using the mechanical cal kit and PNA-X (N5245B, N5245AS).

Version E.03.03 (Nov 2020)

  • Updated the measurement equation in the Calibration Factor Deviation test. As the specified maximum calibration factor uncertainty is a relative uncertainty, the deviation will be computed as relative to the original calibration factor.

  • Added a footnote in the report to explain about the relative deviation.

  • Added support for PNA-X N5245B, N5245AS, N5247A, N5247B and N5247AS.

Version E.03.02 (August 2020)

  • Fixed the Calibration Factor Deviation test intermittent abort issue.

  • Updated the report template to annotate that the absolute calibration
    factor uncertainty is reported.

  • Updated the Compliance Information page in the report template to
    include the acceptance limit for Keysight Cal + Uncertainty + Guardbanding
    report type.

Version E.03.01 (January 2020)

  • Added Calibration Factor Deviation test for UUT U2004A, U2000B and

  • Added support for N1912A and N1914A power meters with the following
    minimum firmware version required:
    N1912A : A.05.10
    N1914A : A.01.15

  • Updated the Uncertainty of Measurement and Functional Tests statements
    in the report.

  • Fixed some defects.

N7851A U2000 Series USB Power Sensors Calibration Application

Version E.03.00 (Aug 2019)

What's New

New UUT Models and Options Supported


New Test Equipment


New Features and Enhancements

Adding the Calibration Factor Deviation functional test for UUT models: U2000A, U2001A, U2002A, U2000H, U2001H and U2002H.