Supported Models

Keysight N7850A Power Sensors Calibration Application Software



E9304A Opt H18,
N8481A Opt STD, CFT, 200,
N8482A Opt STD, CFT,
N8485A Opt STD, CFT, 033,
N8487A Opt STD, CFT,
N8481B Opt STD, CFT,
N8481H Opt STD, CFT,
N8482B Opt STD, CFT,
N8482H Opt STD, CFT,
N8486AQ Opt STD, CFT,
N8486AR Opt STD, CFT,
N8488A Opt STD,

What's New!

E.07.01 Aug 2021

- Fixed the issue when the VSWR test failed the network analyzer calibration
verification using the mechanical cal kit and PNA-X (N5245B, N5245AS).

N7850A Power Sensors Calibration Application E.07.00 (Nov 2020)

What's New

New UUT Models and Options Supported

None for this release.

New Test Equipment

  • N5247B (recommened)

  • N5247A/AS

  • N5245B

  • N5245A/AS

New Features and Enhancements

  • Adding support for UUT power sensor models N848xx and 8485D to the Calibration Factor Deviation functional test (where previously it only supported the E9304A power sensor).
  • Adding Store Calibration Factor functional test to support N848xx and 8485D power sensors.