Supported Models

Keysight N7820A PSG-D Series Calibration Application Software



E8663D, E8257D, E8267D, and E8257N.

What's New!

E.17.02 - Sept 2020

- Fixed an issue with the specified frequency range associated with Option UNS.

- Fixed an issue with the Single Sideband Phase Noise test reportthat prevented SNR mode = Off data tables from being displayed
  when a unit has option HY2.

- Fixed a typo in the help file for Single Sideband Phase Noise that incorrectly instructed operators to turn harmonic filters on
  when testing low phase noise mode.

E.17.01 - Aug 2020

- Updated the Single Sideband Phase Noise specifications for unitswith serial prefix >= 6002 to reflect changes made to the product datasheet.

N7820A PSG-D Series Calibration Application E.17.00 - June 2020

What's New

New UUT Models and Options Supported


New Test Equipment

Added support for the following models. Refer to the application's Help for a complete list of supported ETE and option requirements.

  • DSOS104A oscilloscope
  • N1000A oscilloscope mainframe (not supported in adjustments)
  • N1045B remote sampling head plugin (not supported in adjustments)
  • N4693D-M0F ECal, 2.4 mm
  • N4691D-M0F ECal, 3.5 mm
  • The PXA N9030B signal analyzer is now the recommended model for all tests in performance verification test plans; it is not allowed in adjustments. The PSA E444xA is the only signal analyzer supported in adjustment test plans, and it is still supported as an alternate model in performance verification test plans.

New Features and Enhancements