Supported Models

Keysight N7840A PNA PNA-L PNA-X Calibration Application Software



N5230A, N5230C, N5241A, N5242A, N5244A, N5245A, N5247A, N5221A, N5222A, N5224A, N5225A, N5227A, N5239A, N5231A, N5232A, N5234A, N5235A, N5241AS, N5242AS, N5244AS, N5245AS, N5247AS, N5221AS, N5222AS, N5224AS, N5225AS, N5227AS, N5239AS, N5231AS, N5232AS, N5234AS, N5235AS, N5242AH85, N5249A, N5249AS,N5241B, N5242B, N5244B, N5245B, N5247B, N5249B, N5221B, N5222B,
N5224B, N5225B, N5227B, N5239B, N5231B, N5232B,N5234B, N5235B, N5290A, N5291A

What's New!

N7840A PNA, PNA-L, and PNA-X Calibration Application E.21.04


1. Fixed an issue of Noise Floor driving data for N5249x with option 419 in Normal variant.

2. Fixed an issue of Receiver Compression test for N5230x with option 225 in Factory Recommended.

3. Added a note to the Help and to TME to indicate that when mapping equipment, a USB sensor is required for N5244/5/7x
with option 029 in Factory Recommended variant.


1. Updated DANL specifications for N5227A/B and N5247A/B to match the current data sheet.


1. Fixed a database merge issue.

2. Fixed the issue of Dynamic Accuracy MU for N5249A/B and N5239A/B in Factory Recommended variant.


1. Fixed an incompatibility issue with N7842A ENA application.


What's New

New UUT Models and Options Supported

Previous releases added support of Low Frequency Extension (LFE) options 205 and 425. This release adds support of LFE options 220, 405, and 420, and also expands support of LFE options to more PNA-X N524xB and PNA N522xB models. Refer to the Supported Options list in the PNA Help for a complete list of supported models and options.

New Test Equipment

Adding support of MXG signal generator model N5182B as alternate signal generator ETE.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Adding Utilities Test Plan for the N5290A and N5291A PNA mmWave Systems to help with troubleshooting. This will add the Channel Measure Utility.
  • Adding System Dynamic Range performance test to PNA-X N524xB and PNA N522xB models to support the enhanced specification.
  • Serial number detection: TME autodetect will now detect the serial number of the mmWave system instead of having to manually enter it.
  • Adding support of customer-configured mmWave systems.
  • The Noise State Calibrations Coefficients Performance Test has been enhanced to reduce the number of connections needed. The new method uses an unknown thru functionality on the PNA. This improved functionality is only supported in the Factory Recommended variant.