Supported Models

Keysight N7878A PXI Multiport Vector Network Calibration Application Software



M9340A, M9376A, M9377A, M9378A, M9378B

What's New!

Version E.02.00 (December 2017)

  1. Added support for the UUT models M9377A, M9378A and M9378B.
  2. Added support for 8496G Option H52 step attenuator.
  3. Added support for E9304A Option H19 power sensor.
  4. Added "Store Cal Info to Module" test to store the calibration date into
    the module.
  5. Fixed the error encountered when running tests using the N1912A power meter.
  6. Fixed the connection check error in the Dynamic Accuracy - 1MHz test.
  7. Removed the reflection size and reflection angle calibration data requirement
    for 8496G and 8496H step attenuators, thus default value (zero) entry is
  8. Updated the step attenuator's connection prompt and diagram to define the
    port used for testing and for entering calibration data in TME.
  9. Enhanced M9376A's Receiver Compression test for better source accuracy.
  10. Enhanced the installation package to support multi-language installations.