Supported Models

Keysight N7876A PXI Digital IO Calibration Application Software



M9195A, M9195B

What's New!

Version E.02.00 (Sept 2016)

  1. Initial release for B model.
  2. Added High Impedance Current Leakage Accuracy verification. Note: this test
    is supported with driver version 2.0.2098.0 and M9195B only.
  3. Added new functional tests: Front Panel Functionality and Loopback Functionality.
  4. Added the electronic calibration date procedure, Store Cal Info to Module.
    Note: this is supported with driver version 2.0.2098.0 only.
  5. Removed Self Test from the TME test list. It is now included as part of
    the warm up procedure in the first TME test, and it is optional.