Supported Models

Keysight N7827A UXG Agile Signal Generator Calibration Application Software



N5193A, N5191A, N5194A, N5192A

What's New!

N7827A UXG Agile Signal Generator Calibration Application

Version E.07.02 (February 2020)

1.Changed Switching Speed secifications for the N5194A to reflect datasheet

Version E.07.01 (Nov 2019)

1. Changed Maximum Output Power specifications for N5192A/N5194A to reflect datasheet corrections.

2. Reduced Harmonic Spurious measurement uncertainty for the N5192A/N5194A which nowrequires the Power Level Accuracy test to be run before the Harmonic Spurious test.

What's New

New UUT Models and Options Supported

N5192A agile vector adapter (which is a modified version of the N5194A agile vector adapter)

New Test Equipment

  • N5191A local oscillator is required as the local oscillator for the N5192A agile adapter. Similarly, the N5193A is required as the local oscillator for the N5194A agile adapter. The two local oscillators are not interchangeable.
  • N5245B PNA-X is now the recommended network analyzer model. The N5245A is supported as the alternate model.
  • GoHz HZ-60-1101 frequency converter is required for the optional setup in the Non-Harmonic Spurious Performance Test. This test only applies to the N5193A with serial number ≥ 56460000. Refer to the application's Help for more information.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Performance verification tests are supported for the N5192A agile vector adapter.
  • Adjustments are now supported for the N5194A and N5192A agile adapters.