Agilent N7815A 896XX VSA Series Calibration Application
Release 2.2 - (E.02.02)

Important System and Firmware Requirement !!

  • This package requires that TME Version E.03.50 or above test executive be installed first.
  • This package will only work with N7815A-VSA-89600 version 12.xx on Win 7.
  • The 89600A Firmware (version 7.xx to 12.xx for XP and version 12.xx for Win 7) needs to be installed first, before installing N7815A-VSA-89600.


Calibration Software License Information:

  • You can use either a N7800A-U1S PC seat license or an individual instrument license such as the N7800A-U9Z 90-day license or N7800A-UPZ perpetual license.
  • For individual licenses you will be prompted to enter the system serial number* at run time.

               * The 89600S system serial number is located on the rear panel of the VXI mainframe, above the mainframe serial number.

89600S Series VSA Firmware and License Information:
  • 89600S Series VSA Firmware requirments:
    • The 89600S Firmware (version 7.xx to 12.xx) needs to install first, before installing N7815A-VSA-89600 application.
    • A firewire card and cable (IEEE 1394 interface) in order to communicate with the hardware.
  • The 89600S Series VSA Firmware needs a license to run on its own.
    • Thus, it is highly recommended to purchase a license for the 89600S Series VSA Firmware. However, if no license is applied to the 89600S Series VSA Firmware, then the N7815A 896xx VSA Calibration Application software will still be able to use the 89600S Series VSA Firmware, but no user interface will be present on the 89600S Series VSA Firmware.
    • A 14-day demo version of the 89600S Series VSA Firmware can be automatically obtained when you first run the VSA Firmware. However, you will not be able to continue to run the 89600S VSA Firmware or N7815A VSA-89600 application after this 14 day demo period.
  • For more information on downloading and using the 89600S Series VSA Firmware, go the following website:


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