Supported Models

Keysight N7818A X-Series EMI Receiver Calibration Application Software



N9038A, N9038B, N9048B

What's New!

E.13.01 - Oct 2021

Fixed the error in the Absolute Amplitude Accuracy at 50 MHz and Third Order Intermodulation Distortion tests when the tests attempted to turn on the preamplifier on a UUT that does not have a preamplifier.

N7818A X-Series EMI Receivers Calibration Application E.13.00 - Aug 2021

What's New

New UUT Models and Options Supported

Adding support for options 544 and P44 for the N9048B PXE.


New Test Equipment

The Schwarzbeck IGUU 2918 DC pulse generator is now allowed with adjustments (was previously only supported for performance verification tests).

Adding support for the following network analyzers:

       ·      N5247B (recommended model)

       ·      N5247A/AS

       ·      N5245B

       ·      N5245A/AS


New Features and Enhancements

Adding support for option 544 and P44 in N9048B to Performance Verification test plans.