Supported Models

Keysight N7814A X-Series Signal Analyzer  Calibration Application Software



N9000A/B, N9010A/B/N, N9020A/B, N9030A/B, N9040B, N9041B, N9021B, N8973B, N8974B, N8975B, N8976B, SPN9003A and SPN9026A

What's New!

E.25.03 - May 2021

  • Fixed DANL PV test point and spec range

  • Fixed Display Scale Fidelity PV test point

  • Fixed Phase Noise PV test point

E.25.02 - Feb 2021

  • Fixed N9021B Spurs test points.

  • Fixed TME report bug with N9041B Input 2.

E.25.01 - Jan 2021

  • Fixed Driving Data error with N9030A for the DANL test.


N7814A X-Series Signal Analyzer Calibration Application

E.25.00 - Jan 2021

What's New

New UUT Models and Options Supported

    N9021B MXA


New Test Equipment


New Features and Enhancements

  • Adding N9021B MXA to Performance Verification and Utilities test plans.

  • Adding Backup Cal Data to Instrument Memory to the Adjustment and Utilites test plans for all X-series models.

  • Expanding support of Option FBP (Full Bypass Path) to support new specifications for the N9030B PXA.