Supported Models

Keysight N7814A X-Series Signal Analyzer  Calibration Application Software



N9000A/B, N9010A/B/N, N9020A/B, N9030A/B, N9040B, N9041B, N8973B, N8974B, N8975B, N8976B, SPN9003A and SPN9026A

What's New!

N7814A X-Series Signal Analyzer Calibration Application

E.23.03 - Aug 2019

1. For the N9020B with no preamp removed the Freq Resp Unpreselected Preamp On Adjustment
and Freq Resp Unpreselected Preamp On Test from the test list.

2. In the report the Uncertainty of Measurement and Functional Tests statements were updated.

3. Updated the uncertainty calculation for the Resolution Bandwidth Switching Uncertainty and Input Attenuation Switching Uncertainty Performance Tests for CXA, EXA, and MXA.


1. Fixed DANL spur data point.

2. Fixed CXA Frequency Response Adjustment Sweeptime.


1. Fixed an issue with the nominal gain section of the Freq Resp Above 3.6 GHz Preamp On Adjustment for mmW MXA, PXA, and UXA.

2. Fixed a report creation issue with the Noise Density test.

3. Fixed an issue with the Third Order Intermodulation Distortion Test for mmW N9040B.


What's New

New UUT Models and Options Supported

  • Added support for Option MTU (MultiTouch User Interface) on N9030A PXA models which extends Third Order Intermodulation Distortion (TOI) testing to support 5G NR specifications.
  • Added adjustment support for Option 107 (audio input and digitizer) for PXA N9030B models. This will add two new adjustments:
    • Audio Flatness
    • Audio Step Gain and 10 kHz Calibrator

New Test Equipment


New Features and Enhancements

Refer to the application's Help for complete information about the following:

  • TOI is now tested above 26.5 GHz for the N9040B UXA.
  • Added Utility support for the N9041B UXA to enhance troubleshooting and repair capability.
  • Added classic frequency response adjustments to the Utilities Test Plan for N9030B PXA models with frequency options > 526 and without bandwidth options B2X or B5X. These adjustments were retained to allow customers without a PNA-X the option to run the classic version of the frequency response adjustments which uses a signal generator. The preferred method uses a PNA-X.