X-Series Performance Tests Overview

The performance verification tests are designed to provide the highest level of confidence that the instrument being tested conforms to published, factory-set specifications. The tests are developed to test an instrument operating within the temperature range defined by the instrument specifications. The test names align with the test specification in the Specification Guide. Some repairs require an adjustment and performance test to be run after the repair. If the instrument is unable to pass any of the performance tests, additional adjustments or further repairs may be needed.


Some of the performance tests require actual step attenuator and power sensor calibration data to obtain valid results. Please refer to the Enter Equipment Calibration Data section in the TME help for details on how to enter this data. 


Performance Tests by Model Number

The tests to be performed depends on the model number. Click on the appropriate link below for the test list for your X-series model number. Then click on the test name to go to the test topic page. Tests should be performed in the order shown to minimize equipment setup changes.

For N9000A/B CXA test order, Closedclick here:


For N9010A/B/N EXA test order, Closedclick here:


For N9020A/B MXA test order, Closedclick here:


For N9030A/B PXA test order, Closedclick here:


For N9040B UXA test order, Closedclick here:


For N9041B UXA test order, Closedclick here:


For N8973B, N8974B, N8975B, and N8976B NFA test order, Closedclick here: