Residual Responses Performance Test

This test applies to the following models:

UXA N9041B models will also run a separate test on Input 2.

Residual Responses are discrete responses that appear on the analyzer display with no signal applied. They are created within the analyzer by the frequency synthesis and frequency conversion processes. Residuals are the result of imperfect shielding of internal signals, or by other unknown mechanisms.  

In this test, the analyzer’s RF input is terminated with 50 ohms and the attenuator is set to 0 dB. The analyzer is tuned to known residual frequencies.

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Required Test Equipment

Test Equipment

Recommended Model Number

50 ohm Type-N Termination

909A Option 012

50 ohm Termination
(for Option 526)


2.4 mm (f) Termination


Connection Setups

Residual Responses Test Setup

Residual Responses Input 2 Test Setup (N9041B)