Phase Noise Performance Test

This test applies to the following models:

This test verifies the analyzer Noise Sideband specification.

If the DUT is a PXA Option EP1, or N9030B/40B Option EP0, or MXA Option EP2, then only the Wenzel Ultra Low Noise source can be used to test Phase Noise. Only the Wenzel source can provide the phase noise performance that is required. If the DUT is an MXA, EXA, NFA N8973B/74B/75B/76B, or CXA, then either source can be used, although the Wenzel Ultra Low Noise source is the preferred solution.

If the source is a PSG (Opt. UNX or UNR), a 1.0001 GHz notch filter is employed to reduce the source phase noise at offsets above 100 kHz. The analyzer center frequency is tuned such that the offset frequency is centered in the notch. The notch filters out approximately 5 dB of noise contribution that the source creates. The notch bandwidth is very narrow, so the analyzer Resolution Bandwidth must be kept narrow (1 kHz) in order to prevent out-of-band noise from entering the measurement.

The test requires that DANL at 1 GHz be characterized for the near noise corrections. If the DANL test has been run, the DANL test data will be used. If DANL has not been run, then the DANL will be characterized at 1 GHz.

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Required Test Equipment

Test Equipment

Model Number

Synthesized Signal Source

Recommended model:
Wenzel model 500-13438 Rev D

Alternate model for all X-Series analyzers EXCEPT for DUTs with Option EP0:1
Wenzel model 500-13438 Rev C

RF Signal Generator
(for alternate setup)

PSG Models
(see equipment list)

1 GHz Notch Filter
(for PSG setup)

Trilithic CFN-2-1000.1

50 ohm Termination

909A, Option 012

2.4 mm (f) Termination


3.5 mm (f) Termination


BNC Cable
(for PSG setup)


Coaxial Cable, 3.5 mm
(2 required for PSG setup)


3.5 mm (f) to 3.5 mm (f) adapter
(for 3.5 mm source)


Type-N (m) to 3.5 mm (f) adapter
(2 required for Type-N source)


2.4 mm (f) to 3.5 mm (f) adapter
(for 2.4 mm source)


  1. Rev C can be used as an alternate for all X-series models EXCEPT UXA. The performance of Rev C is insufficient for DUTs with Option EP0.

Connection Setups

In the following setups, cables are designated as solid lines and direct connections are designated as dashed lines.

Displayed Average Noise Level Test Setup


Wenzel Source Rear Panel Switch Settings


Phase Noise Wenzel Test Setup


Phase Noise PSG Test Setup