X-Series Adjustments Overview

The following model and option combinations are not supported in TME. These models must be returned to the factory for repairs.

  • N9040B UXA: Option H51

Adjustments should not be used for calibration. These procedures are designed to reset various circuit parameters. In addition, some of the tests reset or calculate correction values associated with some measurements. The software is designed to adjust an instrument operating within the temperature range defined by the instrument specifications.

Never perform adjustments as routine maintenance. Adjustments should be performed only after a repair or a performance test failure.

A log file for each adjustment will be saved at the following location:

<Agilent TME root folder>\MXA\Output\<Model_Serial>

For example:

C\Program Files\Agilent TME\MXA\Output\N9020A_US01020049

If you have replaced the hard disk drive in your instrument, replacement hard disk drives (HDD) will contain generic calibration data on the Calibration Partition (E:\). The full list of adjustments must be performed on the X-Series analyzer in order to have instrument-specific data on the Calibration Partition.

Adjustments by Model Number

Adjustments for the N9041B UXA signal analyzer are not yet supported.

The adjustments to be performed depends on the model number. Click on the appropriate link below for the adjustment list for your X-series model number. Then click on the adjustment name to go to the adjustment topic page.

For N9000A/B CXA adjustment order, Closedclick here:


For N9010A/B/N EXA adjustment order, Closedclick here:


For N9020A/B MXA adjustment order, Closedclick here:


For N9030A/B PXA adjustment order, Closedclick here:


For N9040B UXA adjustment order, Closedclick here:


For N8973B, N8974B, N8975B, and N8976B NFA adjustment order, Closedclick here: