Supported Models

Keysight N7821A ESG C Series Calibration Application Software



E4428C, E4438C

What's New!

 Version E.07.01 (Jan 2022) 

- Fixed a problem with support for more recent releases of 89601 VSA software that caused it not to recognize the VSA's licensed supportfor required options.

N7821A ESG-C Series Calibration Application E.07.00

What's New

        New UUT Models and Options Supported

    None for this release.

    New Test Equipment

    • The N9030B is now the recommended spectrum analyzer for all performance verification tests and adjustments. The N9030A is the alternate model.
    • The N9030A PXA will require either Option MTU (multi-touch user interface) or TES (TOI enhanced performance) when used with the N9063A analog demodulation measurement application. These option upgrades may require the PXA to be re-calibrated. Refer to the ESG-C application Help for more information.

    New Features and Enhancements

    None for this release.