Supported Models

Keysight N7824A ESG B Series Calibration Application Software



E4400B, E4420B, E4421B, E4422B,
E4423B, E4424B, E4425B, E4426B,
E4430B, E4431B, E4432B, E4433B,
E4434B, E4435B, E4436B, E4437B

What's New!

Version E.02.15 (November 2015)

  1. Added 53230A counter support.
  2. Added N1913A and N1914A power meter support.
  3. Added N8482A, N8482A CFT power sensor support.
  4. Added DSO8064A Dual-Channel Oscilloscope support.
  5. Added 0955-2225 mixer support.
  6. Added 8491B Opt 010 attenuator support.
  7. Added 89441A with option UTH and UFG support.
  8. Added E8257D with option 1EU support.
  9. Removed the rms and deg descriptors from the data column headings in the Digital Modulation Quality report.