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Agilent N7812A E4406A Calibration Application Software


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 Version E.02.01 (April 2010)

  • New Testplan Variant (Agilent Recommended)
    • Eliminates IF Phase Ripple Test (As well as requirement for ESG( RFSource3))
    • Supports PSG used with Notch Filter for Noise Sidebands > 50 kHz
  • Added support for newer Sources
    • 33250A
    • PSG (E8257C/D, E8257C/D, E8663B Opt 509) - (8663A and 836xxA/B/L no longer needed)
  • Added support for more Power Meters
    • E4419A, N1912A
  • Added support for newer Power Sensor
    • N8482A
  • Added support for newer Network Analyzers
    • N5230A/C, E8361A/C, E8363B/C, E8364B/C, E5071C, N5241A, N5242A, N5244A, N5245A (8753D/E Opt 006 no longer needed)
  • Added support for Additional Supplemental ETE
    • Calkits
      • 85032A/C/D/E/F, 85054B
    • Step Attenuators & Driver
      • 11713B, 8494H, 8496H
    • Other
      • CFN-2-1000.1, (1GHz Notch filter, required to run phase noise with PSG)
      • 86205A, (Directional Bridge)
      • 53131A, (Frequency Counter)
  • Secondary Source added as a new device
    • Used in Gain Compression and Distortion
    • Same as RFSource2 except that the 33250A Function Generator is supported allowing a much smaller station footprint.
  • Updated reports to latest template, same look and feel as other TME applications.
  • Modified 33250A driver software to remove serial number check over GPIB. This will allow entering the correct serial number in TME, rather than entering "0" which is what the instrument returns over GPIB.


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