Supported Models

Keysight N7810A PSA Series Calibration Application Software



E4440A, E4443A, E4445A, E4446A, E4447A, E4448A

What's New!

Version E.09.04 (May 2016)

  1. Added support for the 33611A/12A/21A/22A Waveform Generators in
    three PV tests: Audio Amplitude Accuracy, Frequency Response
    Below 300 kHz and Preselector Tune Out Accuracy.

  2. Added support for the 34470A Digital Multimeter in two PV tests:
    Frequency Response Below 300 kHz and Preselector Tune Out Accuracy.

  3. Fixed the Calibration Constant Reset Utility on models E4446/7/8A.
    The utility will now correctly reset the calibration constants
    to the factory default values.

  4. The recommended variant name is now Factory Recommended.

  5. Added a new Noise Sidebands test that tests both near and far
    offsets. Two equipment solutions are available: Wenzel (preferred)
    and PSG/Notch (requires a low noise PSG).
    Note: This test is included in the Factory Recommended variant only.
    It replaces the Noise Sidebands > 50 kHz Offsets and Noise Sidebands
    < 50 kHz Offsets tests in the Factory Recommended variant; both
    are still included in the Normal variant.

  6. Noise Sidebands (Wenzel) no longer requires a 6dB Fixed Attenuator
    and a 50 ohm terminator to be mapped, and neither will appear on the
    report. However the 6dB attenuator is still required as part of
    the test setup and appears in the connection setup prompt.
    Note: Noise Sidebands > 50 kHz Offsets (Wenzel) still requires both
    to be mapped and will show up on the report.

  7. Fixed an uncertainty bug for the 3458A Digital Multimeter related to
    TCAL: if the internal temperature drift is greater than +/-5 degrees C,
    another spec is applied to the DMM, which will change the uncertainty.

  8. The installation package now supports multi-language installations.

  9. Added support for the PSG E8257N.

  10. Other miscellaneous bug fixes.