Supported Models

Keysight N7840A PNA PNA-L PNA-X Calibration Application Software



N5230A, N5230C, N5241A, N5242A, N5244A, N5245A, N5247A, N5221A, N5222A, N5224A, N5225A, N5227A, N5239A, N5231A, N5232A, N5234A, N5235A, N5241AS, N5242AS, N5244AS, N5245AS, N5247AS, N5221AS, N5222AS, N5224AS, N5225AS, N5227AS, N5239AS, N5231AS, N5232AS, N5234AS, N5235AS, N5242AH85, N5249A, N5249AS,N5241B, N5242B, N5244B, N5245B, N5247B, N5249B, N5221B, N5222B,
N5224B, N5225B, N5227B, N5239B, N5231B, N5232B,
N5234B, N5235B, N5290A, N5291A

What's New!

Version E.19.02 (July 2018)

  1. Fixed the issue of incorrect test power in Receiver Compression test for N5230A/C with option 02x
  2. Fixed the issue of Receiver Compression Below 50GHz Test for N5227A with Normal variant.
  3. Fixed the issue of Receiver Noise Figure for N5244A without option 029 in Factory Recommended variant.
  4. Fixed the issue of Noise Receiver Match for N5249B with option 029 in Factory Recommended variant.