Gain Measurement Uncertainty


The Noise Figure Analyzer uses internal IF attenuator values for measuring gain. The test comprises of an internal IF attenuator calibration. Using an external 50 MHz CW signal at
–46 dBm the attenuator values are computed as error ratios.

The analyzer only uses a range of 40 dB for any given measurement from –20 dB to >+40 dB within the available 0 - 70 dB IF attenuator range. Therefore, the actual Instrumentation Uncertainty is calculated as the maximum peak to peak error over any 40 dB range within the available 0 - 70 dB IF attenuator range. The 30 available ranges are all tested for the maximum and minimum Peak to Peak values within their respective 40 dB window. The 30 peak to peak values are then compared and the worst case error is reported as the Instrumentation Uncertainty error.

Required Equipment:

Test Equipment

Recommended Model

Signal Generator



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Gain Measurement Uncertainty Test Setup: