Supported Models

Keysight N7827A UXG Agile Signal Generator Calibration Application Software



N5193A, N5191A

What's New!

Version E.04.00 (April 2016)

  1.  Added support for options AT2 and SS4.
  2. Added Pulse Fine Delay Calibration.
  3. Changed the Maximum Leveled Output Power test to Maximum Output Power. This reflects a change in measurement methodology that conforms to that used in production. As a result, the reported maximum output power will give a better indication of the signal generator's performance, although measured values will be limited to the maximum power range of the power sensors used. Note that the power meter may overrange, but this is anticipated by the new measurement and does not indicate a problem.
  4. Performance Verification tests that use the power meter/power sensor no longer depend on fixed channel assignments for a given power sensor but instead detect the channel that the power sensor is connected to by relying on the ability of "smart" sensors such as the N848x, U848x, E940x series to report their full model and serial number. Legacy 848x sensors lacking this capability have their channel assignment detected during the sensor calibration process. Please see "Known issues" regarding the potential misidentification of legacy sensors
    and its resolution. Note that this functionality does not apply to adjustments.
  5. The procedure for the Single Sideband Phase Noise test was updated to a more standardized procedure applicable across all signal source product lines. An alternative downconverter method is also provided in addition to the standard method that can be used when the frequency range of the reference source is less than that of the unit under test. Note, however, that the three source comparison method (useful when the measurand is close to specification) may not be used in conjuction with the downconverter method.
  6. Changes to supported ETE: (electronic test equipment)
    - Added the 33611A, 33612A, 33621A, and 33622A as alternatives for the Function Generator for all applicable tests.
    - Added the N9030B as an alternative Spectrum Analyzer for all applicable tests.
    - Added the 34470A as an alternative Digital Multimeter for all applicable performance verification tests. The 34470A is not supported for adjustments.
    - Added the U8485A, U8487A, and U8488A as alternative power sensors for all applicable performance verification tests. These sensors are not supportedfor adjustments. (Note that these sensors require the N1914A Option 201 power meter for operation.)
    - Added the E8663D as an alternative reference source for the Single SidebandPhase Noise test.
    - The DSAZ334A oscilloscope is now the recommended model for the high performance oscilloscope.
  7. Defects Fixed:
    - Fixed a timeout issue with Sub-Harmonic Spurious for units without an attenuator.
    - Updated uncertainty calculations to include multimeter Tcal drift.