Supported Models

Keysight N7822A MXG Series Calibration Application Software



N5161A, N5162A, N5181A, N5182A, N5183A,
N5183M, N5171B, N5172B, N5173B, N5181B, N5182B, N5183B

What's New!

N7822A EXG/MXG Series Calibration Application E.14.00

What's New

New UUT Models and Options Supported

Added support for Option 657 (upgraded baseband generator) for the N5172B and N5182B models. If installed, this option will add the Adjacent Channel Power and Digital Modulation Quality performance tests.

New Test Equipment

  • PXA N9030A and N9030B spectrum analyzers are now supported for all performance verification tests and adjustments. The N9030B is the recommended model. Refer to the application's Help for specific option configurations.
  • The N9030A PXA will require either Option MTU (multi-touch user interface) or TES (TOI enhanced performance) when used with the N9063A analog demodulation measurement application. These option upgrades may require the PXA to be recalibrated. Refer to the EXG/MXG application Help for more information.

New Features and Enhancements

None for this release.